The Social LAN Party For Everyone

If you are into gaming, but perhaps enjoy the social aspects more than the competitive side of online multi-player gaming, then the Chillax LAN Party is just for you!

On April 16th and 17th April  2011 we are planning the first ever Chillax LAN Party in Cheltenham for those that want to participate in a gigantic social gaming event. This first event has a limited seats of 50 and we are planning the full on Chillax LAN in the summer with over 150 players.

This isn't about clan wars and best gamers, though there will be prizes to be won. This is about socialising with fellow gamers and having a fantastic time. If you have never been to a LAN party, then it's time you tried one out, and we are sure you'll be hooked. They are amazing fun both on and off the PC.

Price per ticket for this first event is £30 for the weekend. Space will be provided for you to bring your own gaming rigs. You can not use multi-plug power adapters, but you will be given enough sockets.

This is a 2 Day event running throughout the night. The full Chillax LAN in the summer will be 4 days. More details will be posted as they become available.

Reserve Your Place Today!

Reserving your place will ensure you will gain entry to the Chillax LAN event, and will allow you to pick your seat in the hall. You can reserve your place today by making a deposit of £10. You will need to pay the remaining £20 on the door on the day.


Starts 10am on 16th April 2011
Until 8pm on 17th April 2011


Chillax Gaming Labs
Saxon House
GL52 6QX